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Self-Care Sunday: Sleep Aids

Self-care is an ongoing process that can feel overwhelming and is often the first thing we ignore when we’re trying to get through our days. Cannabis can be a welcome addition to any self-care practice. If the most common areas of our lives that need attention are sleep, nutrition, and fitness, cannabis are known to have positive effects on all of those areas. So today our #SelfCareSunday tip is focused on helping you sleep better!!! If you’re having trouble getting to #sleep😴 – or even sleeping through the night🙋🏾 – cannabis can be taken – even in relatively small doses – as a sleep aide. Micro-dosing 2.5mg to 5mg #THC relaxes your mind and body enough to help you sleep through the night. Taking a couple of puffs off a vape pen, snacking on a low-sugar infused edible, or dropping a cannabis tincture under your tongue could ease you into a more relaxed state and promote a better quality sleep.

More and more consumers are reaching for natures favorite flower instead of over the counter sleeps aids or alcohol. Many who have made the switch report waking up feeling more refreshed. So if you are like many of us and need a little help counting sheep 🐑🐑 reach for your favorite #indica instead of your favorite wine class.😉 . . . . #buddhabox #curatedcannabis #selfcaresunday #weed #marijuana #cannabiscommunity #CBD #wellness #weedstagram #cannahealth #indicaindacouch #sleepitoff #microdosing

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