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Self-Care Sunday: Cannabis Outside

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

As we patiently and not so patiently wait for spring...and summer...aka warm weather, we've been thinking about taking our self-care tips outside.... today for #SelfCareSunday we are looking at the best ways to consume in nature while recharging in nature. Cannabis (as we know) is a natural companion for exploration of the great outdoors. Below are some tips to take your favorite plant to your favorite nature spot. . . Safety and etiquette is paramount for you and others to have a good experience. Be respectful of other hikers. Not everyone likes our favorite plant, BUT everyone should be able to enjoy the trail. This is especially important around crowds and children. . . Bring extra water. You should always bring more water than you think you’ll need in case of an emergency, cannabis can dehydrate you, so pack and drink a lot of water. . . Know your route. Being high while trying to navigate the trail can be challenging. Some trails are obvious and easy to locate but some can be easy to miss a switchback or trail sign, so having a trail guide or map with you is always a good idea. . . Joints and Vape Pens are great ways to consume out on the trail. #Joints can be rolled before you set out (or you can buy a couple #prerolls). They are easy to share with friends, they’re lightweight, and will get you pretty lifted. (You will need to pack out roaches with an extra baggie.) With your #vapepen, you wont need to worry about lighters and vape pens can be more discreet than flowers. . . Not all sites are equal. There are differences in marijuana policies depending on where you are. Federal land like national parks can cite you for using marijuana, AND you can still be fined for public consumption outside national parks even in legal states. State fines can be lower than federal ones, but it’s still something to consider. . . . 📷weedmenu . #buddhabox #curatedcannabis #cannabiscommunity #naturesfavoriteplant #naturalhigh #elevatedhiking #cannadventures #ETIQUETTE #EXERCISE #OUTDOORS #smokeweedeveryday #weedwalks

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