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Can cannabutter dreams come true?

Only in Colorado (and probably other states with Mary Jane friendly laws) can you find pre-made Cannabutter. The people behind edible extraordinaire company, Sweet Grass, has blessed us with this new(ish?) product. According to Leafly:

Slow-simmered. Triple-strained. Full-flower. The Sweet Grass cannabutter you know and love is now available for the home canna-chef. Each stick is fully activated and conveniently scored for easy and accurate dosing. Spread it, bake it, grill it, fry it, and infuse with it. The sky’s the limit for what you can do.

Bake with it?!?! Yes please. So I bought two sticks and planned to use it for some extra special holiday baking (yep, the holiday baking I kinda did a couple of months ago). I tried one of my favorite cookie recipes but I'm not sure I would bake with it again. First, it didn't act the exact same as regular butter. I found that everything was greasy like the butter didn't all absorb. This could be because I had to eye my butter measurements. I made an error when I was prepping my ingredients. I thought the marks on the packaging were, like regular butter, tablespoon measurements.

They are not. They are for measuring how much THC you are about to consume (like tablespoon measurements, I guess also a good thing to know). So this could have been the reason my cookie batter was extra greasy but I did try to get it accurate. I even took a knife and shaved down the sides (because its not even the same width as regular butter!). And, I am pretty good at eyeing things out.

The second reason I won't bake with it again is I didn't feel anything. I made holiday cookies which meant I also ate them with a ferocity usually only reserved for the munchies. My ferocious cookie eating was only because I was in the holiday spirit (baking, cleaning, decorating, I had All I Want for Christmas is You on know the mood) not because I had the munchies and impaired self-control.

And the last reason is I feel like it was a waste. Each stick has 100mg of THC and costs around $20 - that sounds like a pretty good deal, right? But that one stick was split up amongst 18 cookies (you do the math), I didn't feel like I had eaten an edible and I honestly have no idea if some of the THC was in all the excess grease, and no - I did not lick the parchment paper.

I feel like if I didn't care so much about my baked goods I may try their cannabutter again. But I do so I tried Stick #2 for toast. Except I didn't really like the flavor on its own, add some jam or cinnamon & sugar. Honestly, I'd rather just have an edible than buttered toast!

All of that being said, its $20 for 100mg. You might as well try it.

I couldn't find the Sweet Grass website but there's always Leafly!

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