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How It All Started...

The Background

Living in the first legal state it was easy to take a lot of things for granted.  Also living in the first legal state it is easy to see how we have fallen short of equitable diversity within the industry.  While there are many highlights to being the 'first' there have been many pitfalls as well.  This is a site where we can talk about it all.

Hi, I'm Steph, Head Curator and creator of Buddha Boxx.  I wanted to create a space and community to welcome equity and diversity back into the cannabis industry.  This is a space for all but specifically designed for Black, Indigenous, People of Color who have found themselves on the margins of a booming industry.  

I know for many, it is hard to break the stigma of cannabis consumption, as well as know how to even begin?  My journey into cannabis started from the medicinal side into the recreational side, along the way sharing information with friends and family hesitant to jump into cannabis consumption, but curious. 

Buddha Boxx is a curated site meaning while there is a lot happening within the industry, this site will focus on providing a way for all BIPOCs to access cannabis news, information and education.  It's a place for those needing a little help figuring out the best way to enter into cannabis consumption.  Without judgment, without fear!!  

Hope you all enjoy!


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